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Keeping the Workplace Safe

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Keeping Your Workplace Safe.

As our spaces evolve and we transition back to work we all face challenges to keep our employees and visitors safe. Screens and dividers will be essential to every business and IOF is proud to announce three brand new shields to help round out our existing category of protective dividers.

Custom sizes, cutouts and additional features are available upon request. Please speak with one of our sales representatives today for more info.

Sneeze Guard:
Foot Mount

Our front guard protective shield is crafted with high-quality quarter inch clear acrylic and comes standard at 24″H. This stylish and cost-effective protective shield is available in six sizes to accommodate desks and reception units of any size. See below for specs and pricing.

sneeze guard foot mount

Sneeze Guard:
Wing Tab

Our wing tab protective shield is crafted with the same high-quality quarter-inch acrylic as our Foot Support option but features wings for full side coverage. The Wing Tab protective shield is available in six sizes and two depth options.

aneeze guard-wing tab

Protective Shield

Our sneeze guard protective shield comes equipped with a heavy-duty aluminium frame and a clear polycarbonate shield. This sneeze guard features a 6″ opening to allow for easy pass-through of cash and documents. Perfect for any situation where safety is a concern but some interaction is required. Multiple sizes available, see below for specs, sizing and pricing.

protective shield

Privacy & Safety:
Acrylic Panel

Our Acrylic panels for privacy and additional safety are available in 12″ and 18″ high and can easily be mounted to private worksurfaces, reception units to extend the height and create barriers or on top of panel dividers to close off semi-private workstations.

acrylic panel - privacy and safety

Privacy & Safety:
Post and Panels

Our glazed panels are available in 12″ and 18″ high and a great way to add an additional layer of privacy and protection to any unit. Multiple sizes and post configurations available see below for specs, sizing and pricing.

post and panels for security and privacy

Mobile Divider

Instantly partition rooms to separate employees, departments and work areas with our mobile dividers. Our mobile dividers can easily be moved from room to room and have a sleek and compact design allowing you to store them away easily after use. Available in all 30 finish options.

mobile divider